If we asked that in addition to Bangkok there are other provinces of Thailand where have economic growth and investment potential same Bangkok. Many of the answers that arose in the minds of many people would be 'Chonburi'. In 2015, the most prosperous provinces in Thailand ranking show that Chonburi province is ranked second after Bangkok with an average score of 95.42% while Bangkok with an average score of 99.86%. In part of economic terms, Chonburi province is ready in every aspect e.g. distance way from the capital 90 mins, tourism, foreign investment, industrial estate, sea freight and U-Tapao Rayong-Pattaya International Airport as well as there are mega projects from the government like EEC project.


Opportunities from the EEC (Eastern Economic Corridor) 

Since the world began to enter the 4.0 economy, many countries were alert and ready to adjust to globalization. For Thailand, there was a response developed with many policies from the government for now. EEC project has value from the private and government investment in the first 5 years is more than 1.5 trillion baht to fully upgrade Thailand to Industry 4.0. Strategic areas covering 3 eastern provinces as Chachoengsao, Chonburi and Rayong. It make Chonburi province have economic potential, investment and living property.



How does EEC relate to the prosperity of Chonburi? 

The EEC project was created with the hope that Thailand would be a World-Class Business Hub. The development plan consists of 4 sub-programs consist of industrial estate development plan, transportation and logistics plan, urban development plan and area management. Start with project of the first 5-year development plan (2017-2021) with a budget of over 1.5 trillion baht. There are 15 projects with emphasis on transportation and logistics such as high-speed trains and double-track trains. Motorways and ports as well as new industrial city development projects to promote the economy.

Chonburi is one of the EEC development areas that will develop the concept of "Modern of the East" by becoming a center for tourism, integrating medicine And the future industry with high growth opportunities (EEC of Digital Park: EECd) from January to September, 2017. There are 147 projects approved for investment in the EEC area with a total value of 109,116 million baht while project in Chonburi Province has 84 projects worth 27,848 million baht.




The attractiveness of these investment projects. It is the industry that has been promote. It is considered to be the industry that will drive the economy of the country (New-Growth Engine). It is a new type of digital industry (New S-Curve Digital Industry). In 5 types, there are Hardware & Parts Production Groups, Manufacturers & Service Providers of Software, Digital Data Provider Group, Communication Equipment Manufacturer & Service Group and Digital Service Providers. That is a reason to located on Sriracha of Chonburi. The area is more than 500 rai under name of the project is "Digital Park Thailand or EECd" where is expected to be able to train the digital personnel more than 100,000 people per year.





When the transportation system is developed, there are 3 major airports, Don Mueang, Suvarnabhumi and U-Tapao, is linked. And there are both double rail trains & high-speed trains. It will help to reduce the transportation cost. There are also motorways, create travel convenience and demand of work resources.



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