President of the Business and Tourism Association of Pattaya, Mr. Ekkasit Ngampichet, stated that the overall tourism in Pattaya in 2019 is expected to have at least 19 million tourists or 5% growth from 2018. The number of tourists traveling to Pattaya is 18 million. The factor that makes the numbers of tourists in Pattaya increase this year is from domestic tourists. Whether the zoom ratio up to 50% of the tourists visiting Pattaya to a foreign account for 70% and in 30% as a result of the drive for Thailand travel more domestic government.

The investment sector is likely to grow as well. Because the Pattaya area is in the Eastern Development Zone or EEC Thus attracting both Thai and foreign investors to invest in the group of service businesses because they see opportunities such as hotels, amusement parks, restaurants, accommodation and from discussions with the private sector to stimulate tourism in Pattaya Recent leading business groups Plans to invest in department stores in the Na Jomtien area Pattaya City is expected to use investment funds at least

ICON SIAM GROUP and the private sector are going to develop new project worth about 10 Billion Baht.  If investment occurs, it will stimulate the economy in Pattaya and create jobs in many areas. And also support future tourists to travel to Pattaya. 


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